Gift of the Holy Spirit

I have been blessed to be able to share this particular gift of healing with others. Holy Spirit is one of the names given to the "God/Source Energy" recognized by most spiritual disciplines as the force behind miraculous healings. The Gift of the Holy Spirit session is a quick, yet powerful burst of this beautiful energy that is channeled through me then to you. The focus of this work is simply about allowing and accepting the energy of the Holy Spirit, so the more open one is to receiving it, the more they are filled with its power. Holy Spirit is intelligent energy; it will not give anyone more than their unique body can handle. This session may be helpful in removing energetic, emotional, and spiritual blocks to facilitate energetic balancing and healing.

A Gift of the Holy Spirit healing may be done in person or remotely.

When you purchase your Gift of the Holy Spirit healing, Dan will contact you within three business days via email to schedule your appointment.

Fee: $25.00

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