Kundalini Reiki Check-Up Session (optional):

The check-up session is an additional, though optional adjunct to the original Kundalini Reiki series that continues the circulation of Kundalini energy where you need it most.

This session begins with a consultation to discuss your progress and any other goals pertaining to the previous treatments. Dan will then perform an assessment of your physical and energetic bodies to determine the levels of healing that have been achieved on the energetic level, followed by the application of the energy flow. Occasionally, after the healing process of the Kundalini Reiki series, underlying issues may surface once the original concerns have been resolved. This additional "treatment" will balance these issues, and provide a smooth, long-lasting Kundalini Reiki presence as you make positive changes in your body and life.

Request this session at least three weeks after your original three Kundalini Reiki visits, to allow those energies to complete their work.

You may  purchase and schedule your Kundalini Reiki Check-Up Session by using our Automatic Scheduling program link below.

Pricing:  $60 per Kundalini Reiki Check-Up session

Please click HERE to purchase and schedule a Kundalini Reiki Check-Up session with Dan.
Note:  A window will open to the Automatic Scheduling Program - please follow the directions to schedule your appointment and pay for your reading.  Please see the following IMPORTANT POLICIES for the service you selected.

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