Past Life Energy Session

The Past Life Energy Session is an exceptional tool for those who feel that a past lifetime may be a factor in blockages experienced in this lifetime. If you know you have done everything possible to facilitate mental, physical, and energetic healing, and are still not getting the results you should have achieved, this session may be the "missing link" that will finally bring everything together.

Gold Reiki energy, along with guided meditation opens the doors to one of your past lives to "get to the bottom of it all" in this interactive session. Old patterns or negative experiences (along with some pleasant memories) are uncovered to bring clarity and understanding to your current life issues. Becoming aware of who you were and the unhealthy patterns that have followed you through lifetimes is often the "aha" moment that sparks the healing of persistent life issues.

You may purchase your Past Life Energy Session by using our Automatic Scheduling program link below.

Pricing: $60 per Past Life Energy Session

Please click HERE to purchase and schedule a Past Life Energy Session with Dan.
Note:  A window will open to the Automatic Scheduling Program - please follow the directions to schedule your appointment and pay for your reading.  Please see the following IMPORTANT POLICIES for the service you selected.

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