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Mediumship is the ability to connect with the spirit realms. A medium serves as the link here in the physical through which angels, guides, and loved ones in spirit can communicate with humans. Clairvoyance is the ability of an individual to actually "see" into the realms of spirit to provide insight into our physical lives. Intuition is something everyone has, though some individuals have a stronger, more developed "sixth sense" that allows them to use their inner sense of knowing to guide others.

I am grateful to be gifted in all three of the above areas, and use my abilities to share messages regarding love, career, finance, family, and relationships; along with any other information that is of assistance to your life path.

Your angels, guides, and deceased loved ones in spirit are with you always. These beings have only your highest good in their intentions, so the messages they give me are typically uplifting, enlightening, and inspirational in nature.

You may purchase and schedule your in person or phone reading by using our Automatic Scheduling program link below. 

Fee: $150 for a 60 minute reading

Please click HERE to purchase and schedule an In Person Reading with Dan.
Please click HERE to purchase and schedule a Phone Reading with Dan.
Note:  A window will open to the Automatic Scheduling Program - please follow the directions to schedule your appointment and pay for your reading.  Please see the following IMPORTANT POLICIES for the service you selected.

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